Early Intervention (birth to 3) - Part of the NC Infant-Toddler program, this is the agency to contact if you have a child with special needs under the age of 3. They can provide services like occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and more at little to no cost. You may also hear them referred to as the CDSA.

CAP / Innovations Waiver - This is the State of North Carolina's Medicaid waiver for individuals with developmental delays like autism and/or intellectual impairment. The waiting list for services is very long, but it is important to get your child on it. Currently in Chapel Hill, the person to contact to apply for CAP is Cheryl Moran at the OPC LME (Orange-Person-Chatham Counties Local Management Entity). UPDATE:  As of April 1, 2012, the OPC area is now being overseen by PBH, and is an MCO (managed care organization). The waiting list has been re-prioritized by date of admission rather than need, so the sooner you get your child on it, the better. Larry Swabe is the Regional Consumer Affairs Manager for PBH who takes customer relations calls regarding the OPC area (contact him for questions or concerns, not to apply for services). He can be reached at 704-785-4310 or

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