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Having a child on the spectrum can get expensive! These are some resources for grants:

First In Families of North Carolina: Orange, Person, and Chatham counties are served by the Central Carolinas chapter. Their phone number is: 919-886-3973. Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are eligible to apply for one grant per 12 month period. FIF grants are a bit unique, as they take a broader view of what constitutes medically / therapeutically necessary products or services than other grant sources do (however daily living expenses like assistance with rent or utilities are not eligible for grants). The goal of FIF is to help "people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals and give back to others". In addition to grants, they have informational sessions, give information on estate planning, have a time bank, and encourage volunteerism.

Easter Seals UCP of North Carolina and Virginia: Contact Karen Fraller in the Raleigh office at (800) 662-7119 for a grant application. They fund therapeutic equipment up to $700. Easter Seals requests that applicants first apply for aid to places like First in Families.

Jean Wolff-Rossi Fund for Participant Involvement: They give grants to help individuals with developmental delays or intellectual impairment (or their families) attend conferences or seminars. They can fund registration fees, hotel, lodging, child care, and personal assistance up to a total of $600 for an in-state event or $800 for an out-of-state event.

ACT Today! Grant Program: Okay, this is not a local grant, but national grants are good too! They fund grant requests up to $5000 for autism treatments such as ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills, and medications. They can also fund occupational therapy equipment, fencing for the home, and similar requests.

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