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This is the school district for those who live within Chapel Hill or Carrboro. It is separate from Orange County schools. Children aged 3 - 5 are served by the Preschool Disabilities branch. Thea Wilson is the coordinator. For Kindergarten aged children or older, the Exceptional Children department is who serves children needing special education. Dr. Sherron Leplin is the Senior Executive Director. Each school has their own EC program facilitator as well.

SNAC (Special Needs Advisory Council of CHCCS):  
SNAC is a group of parents, district staff, and community professionals working together for the continuous improvement of the CHCCS Exceptional Children's program. Their purpose is to influence district policy on EC issues.

Orange County Schools: 
Orange County is a separate district from CHCCS. Their Exceptional Children Department is headed by Connie Crimmins for K-12, and Rhonda Konawicz for Pre-K services. Like CHCCS, each Orange County school has its own EC program facilitator.

North Carolina's Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) which provides information, advocacy training, and assistance for parents with children who receive (or need to receive) special education services. They have a toll free hotline which is answered by parents who have kids in special education, training workshops (they do a great IEP Institute, presentations about becoming an effective advocate, and more). I have attended a couple of their workshops, and they were very informative and helpful. They also have a free lending library with special education and disability books and DVDs. All services provided by ECAC are free.

The ultimate special education law experts. Their website is chock full of case law, questions and answers, resources, and more. They also sell all of the outstanding Wrightslaw books on special education law on their site. If you ever have a chance to go to one of Pete Wright's special education law seminars, do it! They are definitely not just for lawyers, and parents will get a lot out of them.

Advocates for Children's Services / Legal Aid of North Carolina:  

Advocates for Children's Services provide free legal assistance to low income families who need assistance with public school issues (accessing special education, IEP disputes, expulsions, etc.). They are only able to directly represent a limited number of families at any given time, but they also have an excellent free handbook about knowing your rights in the NC public schools.  The handbook has a comprehensive section about special education.

2e Newsletter website: 
A very good resource for 2e (twice exceptional) issues. If your child has HFA/Asperger's and is academically gifted, this website will have a lot of useful information to help advocate for your child's unique challenges.


Inclusion on this list should NOT be considered an endorsement or recommendation of any school. Please use your own judgment in determining the most appropriate school for your child. We are not responsible for changes or errors in tuition rates; please contact schools for the most current rates.

Private Schools:

Camelot Academy

Gifted, Sensory, Grade K-12 Class size average 10 to 15

Our Unique Program Offers:

• Small Classes (10:1 student/teacher ratio) 

• Diagnostic Testing
 - student's knowledge base and learning style is "diagnosed" in each subject area

• Individualized Curriculum

• Mastery-Based Learning

• Experienced Faculty

• Family-Like Atmosphere

• Key Role for Parents

• Outstanding College Placement Program

• Accredited

• Affordable Tuition

Camelot Academy has a tiered tuition system. The following rates apply to the 2015-2016 school year:
Kindergarten $9,800.
1st–4th grades $11,450.
5th–6th grades $12,450.
7th–12th grades $13,450.

ASD focus, Pre-K - Middle School Therapy Classes, Non-traditional school day. 1:3 teacher ratio.

Embrace is the vision of friends and colleagues who share a passion for working with children with autism and share the belief that love, humor, and evidence-based practices are the best way to teach children with autism spectrum disorders who have struggled in traditional settings. Synergizing the diverse theoretical orientations and training, we believe not in adhering to one method, but utilizing a variety of evidence-based instructional and autism intervention practices.

Tuition includes review of records, individualized program with goals tailored to your child’s needs, data collection and skills tracking, parent training meetings, collaboration with other professionals, and a low student to teacher ratio (1:3 maximum).
Please contact Embrace to receive a rate sheet with tuition for current and upcoming semesters. Families with insurance coverage for ABA are typically able to have tuition covered out of network.

The Hill Center

Tutoring, Learning Differences, ASD case by case, Grades K-12

The Hill Center offers a unique half-day program to students in grades K-12 with diagnosed learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders who are enrolled in either a public or private school for a portion of the day. Additionally, The Hill Center offers a comprehensive teacher training program and serves as a community and regional resource for parents, teachers, and educational administrators.

Just Right Academy

ASD focus, Grades K-12

Just Right Academy Inc. is a nonprofit private elementary, middle school, and high school for kindergarten through 11th, geared to children who need structure, consistency, positive reinforcement, more movement, reduced stress, both remediation and challenge along with a multi-sensory way of learning. Students receive direct small group and/or individual instruction in reading, math and language arts, along with integrated social studies, science, art, music, and drama. In some areas a student may need intense remediation, while in others he or she may need to be challenged. Social skills are directly taught and constantly reinforced. Learning to serve is an important value and there are daily opportunities for this along with occasional service days. Movement breaks and physical activities are built into the schedule.

Unnecessary stressors such as homework, high-stakes testing, inappropriately difficult work, and busy work are not part of the program. But because life is not stress-free, techniques and strategies are taught to help students deal with the inevitable stressors and frustrating situations in their lives. Homework is added in to our high school program, but not at a level that should stress students.

2015-2016 Tuition: $19,450 a year with a $500 materials fee

The Mariposa School

ASD focus, ABA, 18 months to 16 years, 1:1 Ratio

The Mariposa School is a non-profit organization created specifically to offer children with autism and other developmental disabilities year round intensive instruction, using innovative teaching techniques. Based in central North Carolina, the school has attracted international attention for its progressive teaching curriculum and various programming opportunities. Families from across the country and world have relocated so their children can attend the school – a testament to the effectiveness of its teaching methodology and commitments to helping these students succeed. Each program is tailored to fit individual needs so that the student may realize his/her maximum potential.

Full Day 9am – 3pm (5 years old and up)
5 days a week $4790 per month one-on-one

Learn with the Best
Learning Disability/Special Needs including mild ASD focus, Grades K-12, 8:45 – 1pm

The mission of Learn with the Best School, Inc, our K - 8 Private School, is to educate students by providing a dynamic educational system in which children actively participate to become lifelong learners. We emphasize a caring and supportive staff who will guide our students down a life path of academic, social and emotional confidence and success. We promote partnership between our school, our students, our families, and our community to allow a multi-dimensional approach to the structure of our school. Our teachers' experience include autism specialists, regular and special educators, and speech therapists. Unlike traditional public or private schools, Learn with the Best offers educational opportunities for children who struggle socially and / or academically including typical children and those with mild autism, developmental disabilities (DD), ADD / ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and learning disabilities.

Meredith College

ASD Focus, PreK only – must begin by age 4

The Meredith Autism Program is an early intervention program serving children who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The program provides an intensive behavioral intervention where children with autism can acquire developmentally appropriate skills in the following areas:

• Play skills
• Receptive and expressive language
• Social skills
• Self-help skills
• Pre-academics

Charter Schools

Hawbridge Charter

Grades 6 through 10

The Hawbridge School is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades 6-12. Located in a restored mill on the banks of the Haw River in Saxapahaw, we offer an enriched curriculum in environmental studies, the arts, and writing. We’re a leader in the outdoor classroom movement, and our highly qualified, deeply committed faculty includes scientists, mathematicians, a composer, writers, editors, performers, visual artists, graphic designers, and a local (very local) radio personality--all of them highly accredited and committed to research-driven education

Kestral Heights Charter

Grades K-12

Kestrel Heights School, founded in 1998 as a public charter school, serves students in grades K-12 in the greater Durham area. We believe that all children can succeed in a safe and challenging environment that is dedicated to nurturing lifelong learners. By fostering a community with high expectations, modeling characteristics of responsible citizenship, and focusing on the development of the whole person, we believe we will help to create a great school for all children. Kestrel Heights School believes in the Paideia Program of teaching. For more information about Paideia, visit the website for The Paideia Center in Asheville, NC.

Southern Wake Academy

Grades 6-12 also Occupational Course of Study

Southern Wake Academy has an excellent reputation for providing a quality education and inclusion for its students with special needs. The EC team, along with the staff, work together to implement student’s IEPs and to ensure students’ individual needs are being met. The staff at SWA works together to provide students with individual attention to help them meet their goals both in and out of the classroom.

SWA also offers the Occupational Course of Study track for students with disabilities. The OCS is one of the course of study pathways to earn a high school diploma.

The OCS curriculum prepares students to be competent, dependent employees, as well as independent and responsible adults. The curriculum focuses on the development of functional academic skills and hands-on vocational training with the ultimate outcome of transitioning the student from high school into competitive employment.


Grades K-12

Voyager Academy Middle School serves approximately 500 students across grades 4-8. VAMS is a North Carolina Public Charter School that began in 2007 with the goal of providing students an academically challenging and supportive learning environment. Staff utilizes experiential and traditional learning strategies so that students become responsible, engaged, and innovative members of society. The school’s expectation is that all students, working with dedicated faculty and family, will excel academically and socially. Since 2007, VAMS has grown to become a recognized project-based learning model school and continues to be dedicated to helping all students excel in their academic goals and real world pursuits.

Woods Charter

• We value the pursuit of academic excellence that develops knowledge of classical liberal arts and modern science.

• We value our collaborative community, which is an essential catalyst for academic growth, physical and emotional well being, and artistic expression.

• We value our passionate and caring faculty, who are fully committed to actively engaging with colleagues, parents, and students to ensure success for every student.

• We value parental volunteerism and support, which is critical to achieving our mission.

• We value strong relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust.

• We value compassion and inclusivity that create an environment where students are enriched by their differences and diversity is celebrated.
We value an awareness of and engagement with the world that compels students to active lives of service.

Schools That Deal with Severe Behavioral Issues

Lakeview – Durham Public Schools

Lakeview School is an alternative program designed for students in grades 6-12 who have a history of chronic misbehavior and/or have received long-term suspension. There are seven different components of the school developed to address the specific needs of our students. The staff works with students and their families to design curriculum and personal behavior plans based on each individual student's situation. Students remain in the designated program for a determined period of time or until they meet stated goals and then return to their home school or a less restrictive environment.

Our mission at Lakeview School is to empower each student utilizing a systematic approach that maximizes academic potential, promotes life-long learning, and develops skills necessary for re-entry into a traditional setting.

Murdoch Center

To be eligible for admission to Murdoch Developmental Center a person must have a diagnosis of profound, severe or moderate intellectual/developmental disability or a related developmental disability. All admissions are subject to space available in the appropriate cottage. No one is denied admission because of inability to pay. Murdoch Developmental Center also has four programs that serve individuals from the entire state. BART (Behaviorally Advanced Residential Treatment) serves young adult males with developmental disability diagnoses and extreme behavior problems. STARS (Specialized Treatment for Adolescents in a Residential Setting) serves adolescents, ages 13 through 17, who have a dual diagnosis (developmental disability and mental illness). PATH (Partners in Autism Treatment and Habilitation) serves children, ages 6 to 16, with autism spectrum disorder and serious behavioral challenges. TRACK (Therapeutic Respite Addressing Crisis for Kids) serves children ages 5 through 17 who have moderate to profound intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders and are in an emergency crisis situation.

The Wright School

Mission Statement: Wright School provides best practice, cost-effective residential mental health treatment to North Carolina's children, ages six to twelve, with serious emotional and behavioral disorders; and supports each child's family and community in building the capacity to meet children's special needs in their home, school and local community.
To make a referral to Wright School you must first contact your local area Mental Health Center

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