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There are some wonderful groups out there trying to promote autism awareness in various ways. Not all are local, but they are all worth your consideration.

Rugh Family Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorders: A wonderful project started by our talented friends Jaime and Jeffrey Rugh. Artists with children on the spectrum, they started designing original silkscreen posters to educate and inspire people about autism. Whimsical and original, these posters are beautiful as works of art, and also an excellent way to spread awareness, compassion, and acceptance of the full spectrum of autism.

Autism Society of North Carolina Store: ASNC has a store that sells autism awareness apparel, jewelry, car magnets, and more. Show your support for a loved one on the spectrum and help support the many worthy services that ASNC provides statewide! Another way to support ASNC is to purchase books from their outstanding autism bookstore. It is the largest of its kind in the country, and the staff is very helpful.

North Carolina DMV ASNC License Plate: Here's your chance to make a trip to the DMV more fun - order a special Autism Society of NC license plate! It is only an additional $20 per year, $10 of which is donated to ASNC. How cool is that?

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  1. Good Morning,
    I am contacting you because i am the marketing manager of Dwellings. In April we will be hosting a national autism awareness day event. In conjunction with a Penn State University Sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, we will be hosting a reception from 4-6 at our State College location. 10% of our entire days sales will be donated to the national autism fund. I was curious if you offer any promotion products for events such as this? We would greatly appreciate anything that we can get to hand out or give to customers who made purchases or donations for this. We are looking for ways to make this event as large as possible, in hopes to donate as much money as possible to this great cause! Please let me know if you can help us in any way!

    Please let me know anything that we can do.

    Thank you,