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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Get Ready for Back-to-School!

We are taking a short break from our Organizing for Autism series to share with you our favorite back-to-school posts. Back-to-school season is a busy time of year for any family, but it can be even more stressful if you have special needs kids to prepare for the new school year (not to mention needing to prepare the school for your special needs kid!). We hope that CHART's Back to School Series will help you get the new school year off to a great start!

The Ultimate Autism Back-to-School Roundup: Our favorite resources for taking autism to school from around the Internet. Tons of great tips for teachers, parents, and students!


Free Printable: Back to School Checklist for Special Needs Students {#1 in a Series}: Download our free printable checklist to make sure you are completely ready before the school bus shows up in a couple of weeks. 


Free Printable: Student Profile {#2 In a Series}: Every year it is a really good idea to create a little profile of your child to share with teachers, school therapists, bus drivers, and other staff. Unlike an IEP, which is often mostly about needs, the Student Profile is a chance to introduce some of your child's strengths, interests, and unique personality. We create an updated version every year (need to get on that...).

Free Back to School Printable: IEP at a Glance / IEP Snapshot {#3 in a series}: In an ideal world, every teacher and staffer at your child's school would have time to sit down and carefully read his IEP. In the real world, unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, especially when it comes to specials teachers and others who have limited contact with your student. That's why we created the IEP at a glance - it provides a quick overview of the key points of your child's IEP and behavior plan. We consider it essential.  

In case you missed it, be sure to review our post Organizing for Autism: Perfectly Organized Paperwork. Find out how to whip your IEP binder into shape so you are ready to hit the ground running when the first day of school arrives! 

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What are your favorite tips for getting the school year off to a great start? Please share in the comments!

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