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Sunday, February 16, 2014

CHART Radio Interview: Families Fight for Autism Coverage

Did you know that 34 states + the District of Columbia have passed autism insurance reform laws? Did you know that North Carolina is not one of them?

I wrote an op-ed for The Charlotte Observer about the need for autism insurance two years ago, and unfortunately we are still awaiting a law in this state. Listen to my radio interview on Carolina Connection to hear the latest in the fight for autism coverage in North Carolina.

Then take action! Last year, the NCGA House passed House Bill 498 by an overwhelming margin of 105-7. The bill was not taken up in the Senate, but there is hope that the Senate will hear it in the upcoming 2014 short session this spring.

You can help:
  • Contact your state Senate rep and express your support for autism insurance reform. 
  • Share your personal story and how the lack of affordable therapies has impacted your child and family's life. 
  • Sign up for emails from the Autism Society of North Carolina - they will send out action alerts at critical times during the legislative session. 
  • And follow CHART on Facebook to keep up with the latest news on autism insurance reform. 
Together, North Carolinians can make autism coverage a reality!

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