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Sunday, October 20, 2013

3D Learner Program for Visual Learners

Many children with autism and/or ADHD are visual learners and may struggle to learn in the typical classroom, which is often taught in a manner better suited for auditory learners. CHCCS teacher Julie Halpert - who specializes in both gifted and special needs education - is offering a private workshop geared towards learners who are bored in class, disorganized, struggling to stay on task, and frustrated by homework.

Called the 3D Learner System, the interactive program is designed to teach parents and students:
  • How to advocate for the student in school
  • How to support your child at home
  • Techniques for organization and motivation
 Sessions are held concurrently for parents and children:

When: Saturday, November 23rd
Times: K-3rd grade: 9am - noon, 4-8th grade: 1-4pm
Location: Seawell Elementary School, 9115 Seawell School Road, Chapel Hill
Family cost: $100 for 2 parents and2 children
Register: www.3dlearner.com/nc

Download the flyer here:

Contact Julie at julie@3dlearner.com with questions and for more information. We have never tried this workshop, but it sounds very interesting, as we have a 2e (twice exceptional) student ourselves. If you take it, come back and leave a comment - we'd love to know what you thought of the program!

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