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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free Back to School Printable: IEP at a Glance / IEP Snapshot {#3 in a series}

Continuing in our series of free back-to-school printables, today we have our brand new IEP at a Glance / IEP Snapshot. The purpose of the IEP at a Glance is to share information with those people in your child or student's school who may not have time to read the entire IEP file for every student (those documents are long!). It is by no means intended to replace the complete IEP, just to provide an overview of the key points. We designed this printable to be filled out by parents, teachers, or other professionals.

With whom should you share the IEP at a Glance?
  • General education teachers, especially in middle and high school when children have different teachers every period.
  • "Specials" teachers: art, music, physical education, languages, and other electives. It is highly unlikely that specials teachers will have had time to read the entire IEP document for each of the many students they teach every day. Even if they did read the IEPs, the IEP at a Glance will be a useful tool to help them remember the key points for each student.
  • Substitute teachers. Enough said!
  • Administrators and other school staff, particularly if your student has a behavior intervention plan. After all, the principal and vice-principal are the ones to whom a child will be sent if there is an incident. It is essential that they are consistently implementing the behavioral strategies detailed in the BIP.
  • Bus drivers, if your child has IEP goals related to the school bus or health issues of which drivers should be made aware. Plus if your child's bus drivers know more about your child, they might not ask you on a regular basis if your student has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)...not that that's ever happened to us...

 Other tips:
  • Your school district may already use some sort of official IEP snapshot, so be sure to ask first.
  • For parents: if you have not heard the term "case manager" used for your child's IEP, that person is likely either the EC Program Facilitator (often called the "PF" in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools) or their lead resource / special education teacher.
  • The "other" sections in Supports and Related Services are a good place to list things like social skills groups, peer buddy programs, and so forth.
  • You may need to reset your printer margins to print the complete document.

Did you miss any of our earlier back to school free printables? Don't worry, you can still download them for free. Grab the Back to School Checklist for Special Needs Students and the Student Profile to help get the school year off to a great start. We hope you enjoy these free printables - please feel free to share them.

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