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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Accommodations and Pragmatic Language Goals for IEPs

It will be back-school-time before we know it, and it is time to make sure that everything is in place to make the new school year a successful one for our kids with autism. There are some very handy references on the NC DPI (Department of Public Instruction) website within the Division of Exceptional Children section on Autism Spectrum Disorders. One excellent resource is a detailed list of possible accommodations for students with autism who have organizational challenges. It covers 4 sections: Transitions, Classroom Design and Structure, Presentation of Assignments, Instruction, and Testing, and In Case of Stress or Agitation.

Another very useful reference on the DPI website is a document called Pragmatic Language and the Standard Course of Study. Given that not all SLPs are even all that familiar with pragmatics (the social use of language, as opposed to expressive or receptive language), having this list could be extremely useful for writing IEP goals. Additional useful guides on the DPI autism page address evidence based practices, creating an autism map in education, and teaching students with Asperger's. Since these materials are all presented as references by the State of North Carolina, they should carry weight with the local schools during IEP meetings.

Remember that for additional assistance with IEPs or special education, you can contact the ECAC, North Carolina's Parent Training and Information Center for special education. The Autism Society of NC Bookstore is an excellent resource for books on autism and education, and they are having a back to school sale during the month of August. There is also a wealth of information on the Wrightslaw website and in their law books; the better you understand the special education process and your child's rights, the better outcome you are likely to have!

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  1. Hi! Nice blog! I just wanted to let you know that the DPI document that you reference about pragmatics was actually written a while back by the CHCCS SLPs. It's probably slightly out of date now that the common core has kicked in (the old document was based on the SCOS--Standard Course of Study).