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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Autism Blogs and Support for Fathers

I recently saw Dwayne Ballen speak at the Autism Society of North Carolina annual conference. He gave a powerful presentation about life with his 17 year old son Julian who has autism. (Julian's mother Martina Ballen is the chair of the ASNC board.) The audience members had many questions about where they could get more information about autism from a father's perspective, as resources specifically for dads are pretty thin. For those who are TEACCH clients, there is a father's group led by Dr. Lee Marcus that meets about once a month. It is a very dad-friendly gathering over dinner - informal and non-clinical.

There are also some excellent blogs written about autism by fathers:

Both Hands and a Flashlight written by North Carolina's own Tim Tucker about "Parenting, Autism, and the Pursuit of Being Awesome".

Journey with Julian by Dwayne Ballen of Durham about life with his 17 year old son and acceptance of who he is as a person and a young man.

Adventures in Asperger's by Thomas Hibben, a professional photographer whose blog is enhanced with his great photos and offbeat sense of humor.

Stuart Duncan by Stuart Duncan, a blog about "Autism from a Father's Point of View". This is an intelligent blog with a lot of current information and food for thought.

Big Daddy Autism, which is a blog filled with "Tales from the lighter side of raising a kid with autism". It also promises "Now with 87% more humor!" - and who doesn't need that?

If you know of any other great resources for fathers of children on the spectrum, please share below!

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