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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Social Skills Programs at the Mariposa School

The Mariposa School has an after-school social skills program for children ages 3 and up. Social Butterflies groups vary upon age and skill level and make every effort to include non-disabled peers as age appropriate peer models. The next upcoming session starts February 20th, and there is still time for new students to enroll.
Each session is two hours of social skills instruction with two-day (M/W, T/Th) or four-day (M-Th) options. The cost is $425/$850 for the six week program.

Activities include Board games, Active/Gross games, Video games, Art, Music, Sports, etc. Individualized goals are identified for each student and data is collected daily during group activities. If you would like more information about Social Butterflies, please contact Meredith Rose at 461-0600 or email mrose@mariposaschool.org for details.

Children eligible for Social Butterflies should be able to request items or activities (vocals, signs, PECS) without intensive instruction and should have behavior that is not severe or dangerous to oneself, others, or the learning of others. They are scheduling new student assessments now in order to enroll for the next session on 2/20/12.

Mariposa also has summer camp social skills programs, and I will try to update about that when more info is available.

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